About Us

Marabisal Intermar Exportadores:
40 years of history and experience in the marketing of frozen fish.

Marabisal: Import and Export of quality frozen fish products

For over 40 years, Marabisal has been importing and exporting frozen fish products, in particular cephalopods (octopus, squid, squid, cuttlefish); flat fish (sole, saint peter, etc.); tuna, swordfish and other pelagics; whole fish and various fillets mainly from the FAO 34 fishing area (Mauritania, Guinea, Senegal, Ghana).

The solidity of the company, the reliability of the service, the dynamism and efficiency of the staff - fundamental pillars on which the company rests - have allowed Marabisal to grow and acquire ever new markets, expanding its presence in Europe with new operating offices.

Where we operate

The supply of frozen Marabisal fish products mostly comes from Morocco, Mauritania, Guinea, Ghana and Senegal

Each phase of the transport and storage of our products always takes place strictly respecting compliance with agri-food standards to keep their organoleptic properties intact and guarantee absolute quality to our customers.

Our experience

The experience of MarAbisal acquired in the fishing sector translates into offering high quality products at the most competitive price

But that's not all: quality also means guaranteeing the best offers of frozen fish from different origins, carefully selecting suppliers, ensuring product traceability and paying attention to health aspects.

Stable and privileged relationships with selected suppliers guarantee the reliability of our service.

Another distinctive feature of the wholesale of frozen Marabisal fish products is that of having privileged and stable relationships with shipowners, suppliers and production plants in Europe and worldwide.
This is how Marabisal takes care of its customers, in an atmosphere of full collaboration, to guarantee quality frozen fish, continuous supply and fast, punctual and safe shipping.